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I want to draw text in Canvas. using this code:

canvas.drawText(getString(R.string.test1)+c, 30,320, paint);

a need change of "c" to bold...


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Only c? R.String.test1 is not supposed to be bold? –  user485498 Dec 29 '11 at 9:32

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the class Paint has method setTypeface , you can pass a Typeface. code exmaple:


so if you want change part of text, can draw one by one through change the typeface.

also, you can try use html code like <b>c</b>

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Canvas.drawText and its various variants do all expect either a String, CharSequence or char[]. All those types do not support Spannable or Stylable objects. Short: It's not possible in the way you want.

You probably can try to implement the suggesstions idiottiger posted.

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