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How can i detect message boundary on node.js? The client sends messages with their length. lenght + data

socket.on data receives all data on line.

But i need to receive only 2 bytes first then x bytes data.

thank you

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tcp sockets are just byte streams, there's no message boundary, you need to count the bytes consumed and compare this number to the one from the preamble.

here's a bit of code that does what you need. it's written in CoffeeScript, and uses 32-bit int for message size, so you'll have to adjust a bit.

  remaining = 0
  input = undefined

  msgsize = 0
  msbuf = new Buffer 4
  msneeded = 4

  sock.on 'data', (bytes) =>

    start = 0
    end = bytes.length

    while start < bytes.length

      if remaining == 0
        msavail = (Math.min 4, bytes.length - start)
        bytes.copy msbuf, msbuf.length - msneeded, start, start + msavail
        msneeded -= msavail
        continue if msneeded > 0
        msneeded = 4
        remaining = msgsize = msbuf.readUInt32LE 0
        start += 4
        input = new Buffer msgsize

      end = (Math.min start + remaining, bytes.length)
      bytes.copy input, msgsize - remaining, start, end
      remaining -= (end - start)
      start = end

      @emit 'data', input if 0 == remaining
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