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What is the role of the getStaticResourceURL() method?

If I pass request.getContextPath() + mypath to it (without a timestamp), what it can change? If I pass some timestamp, what it can change additionally?

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You need to provide some more information, e.g. where that method is located etc. Did you read the documentation already? –  Thomas Dec 29 '11 at 9:43
Documentation is empty as it usual for Liferay: docs.liferay.com/portal/6.0/javadocs/com/liferay/portal/util/…, java.lang.String) I found this method in some sample code, it was used to calculate paths of images in portlet JSP; but simple contextpath+mypath also worked for me; so I wonder what does it actualy does and in which circumstances –  Dims Dec 29 '11 at 9:51

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The method will add a few (undocumented) parameters to the URL:

  1. browserId - a friendly name for the browser like "firefox"
  2. themeId - the Liferay ThemeId (only for css and jsp files)
  3. colorSchemeId - the color scheme id (only for jsp files)
  4. minifierType - the minifier type (js or css)
  5. languageId - the language id from the Theme
  6. b - the Liferay Build Number
  7. t - the timestamp for the theme (or the file if it's a /html/* file)

The only place I could find this was in the source code

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