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For validation errors in Spring MVC Controller, i set the custom header error to the response Header. I can able to accesss that response Header in Firefox 3.5. But not in IE 8. Kindly advice me, the right way to show the custom error message to the Jquery client.

    var jqxhr=$.post("saveAcc.htm",{ data: data});

    jqxhr.success(function() { 

        alert(jqxhr.getAllResponseHeaders()); //returns empty
        //alert('responseText '+ thrownError.responseText);
        alert(jqxhr.getResponseHeader('error')); //return null                      
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I do not know if this helps, but give this a try: forum.jquery.com/topic/jquery-ajax-ie8-problem , this a bug report on jquery $.ajax in IE8, with some possible fixes. –  joao Sep 13 '13 at 13:58

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If you want to invoke the JS error handler function, throw an exception on the server.

Alternatively, you can set the HTTPStatus to 500 or some other error status


But I think your approach is wrong. Validation errors are not application errors, you should handle those in the success message.

jqxhr.success(function(data) { 
    if(data['validationMessages'].length > 0 ) {
        //deal with the validation issues

This may help: http://outbottle.com/spring-3-web-mvc-exception-handling-incorporating-ajax/

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