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I have install mod security 2.5.12 i got the error 403 Forbidden for some php file So it is false positive i want to disable the rule for this perticular warning So can any one tell me that how can i know the rule for this error in mod security file??

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In the mod_security.log file is written the line and the rule. For example:

Message: Access denied with connection close (phase 2). Matched phrase "msnbot" at REQUEST_HEADERS:User-Agent. [file "/home/oscar/conf/mod_sec_default_action.conf"] [line "28"] [id "60008"]

You should add or modify the SecAuditEngine parameter to begin to log in httpd.conf, with the value

SecAuditEngine On

, or

SecAuditEngine RelevantOnly

The rule information appears in the file you have especified in SecAuditLog in httpd.conf.

SecAuditLog /logs/mod_security.log
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