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I am creating helper app for my reference database. Here is code for db

public class DayNameDataContext : DataContext
    public static string DBConnectionString = "Data Source=isostore:/imieniny.sdf;";
    public ImieninyDataContext(string connectionString) : base(connectionString) { }
    public Table<DayName> DayNameTable;

public class DayName
    [Column(DbType = "INT NOT NULL IDENTITY", IsDbGenerated = true,IsPrimaryKey = true, AutoSync = AutoSync.OnInsert)]
    public int Id { get; set; }

    [Column(DbType = "DATETIME NOT NULL")]
    public DateTime Data { get; set; }

    [Column(DbType = "NVarChar(30) NOT NULL")]
    public string Name { get; set; }

And in my app I have in page load event code

DayNameDataContext im = new DayNameDataContext(DayNameDataContext.DBConnectionString);
if (im.DatabaseExists() == false)

And when i copy db from isolated storage to desktop and open it in sql managament studio I don't have any tables created. I don't need any data bindings.

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So your database is created but your table is not? You could try to uninstall your program and try to deploy it once more. For me that helped one time. –  BigL Jan 14 '12 at 16:24

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I took a look at my Linq-to-SQL generated database code and i noticed one big difference between the generated code and yours.

My DataContext contains a Table property instead a Table variable maybe that's causing the problem.

And this extra lines too :

private static System.Data.Linq.Mapping.MappingSource mappingSource = new AttributeMappingSource();

    #region Extensibility Method Definitions
    partial void OnCreated();
    partial void InsertHeighscores(Heighscores instance);
    partial void UpdateHeighscores(Heighscores instance);
    partial void DeleteHeighscores(Heighscores instance);

        public HeighScoresDataContext(string connection) : 
                base(connection, mappingSource)

And my Table has some extra lines too a Constructor and Extensibility Method Definitions:

#region Extensibility Method Definitions
    partial void OnLoaded();
    partial void OnValidate(System.Data.Linq.ChangeAction action);
    partial void OnCreated();
    partial void OnIdChanging(int value);
    partial void OnIdChanged();
    partial void OnDifficultyChanging(int value);
    partial void OnDifficultyChanged();
    partial void OnFieldSizeChanging(int value);
    partial void OnFieldSizeChanged();
    partial void OnTimeChanging(int value);
    partial void OnTimeChanged();

        public Heighscores()

And try my suggestion in my comment try to uninstall your app and redeploy it for me it fixed once the problem.

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