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I'm new to JPA. I'm trying to figure out how to use JPA Entity Lifecycle Events as a replacement for database triggers.

It is of course more or less the same, except that in a "before update" database trigger for example (Postgresql), you always have the OLD and NEW records, that contain the values before and after the update.

I was not able to find documentation on that for JPA. Javadoc documentation does not say much on PreUpdate annotation.


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JPA is a specification only and to study the life cycle I think we need to be specific to

implementations. EJB Entity Beans / Hibernate Entity Beans etc., that have their own

lifecycle models.

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Lifecycle events are defined in JPA. They are : PerPersist, PostPersist, PreRemove, PostRemove, PreUpdate, PostUpdate and PostLoad. You annotate methods in your entity class with the appropriate annotation (one of the above). The method signature is

void someMethodName()

It can have any access modifier. There are a number of limitations on what you can do inside a callback, such as invoking methods on an entity manager.

Specifically on PreUpdate: The PreUpdate is guaranteed to be called at some point before updating the db but says nothing on when.

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