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is there a possibility to get on an IPhone the connected WIFI SSID with Monotouch?

I have found a possibility to check the Wi-Fi States but there is no way to check the SSID. So did anyone know a way? Thanks for all Comments

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Here's an [example using Obj-C][1]. You should be able to use a similar approach in MT. [1]:… – Jason Dec 29 '11 at 15:13
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You can do this like the sample code that @Jason linked to. But right now there are no bindings for CaptiveNetwork in the current versions of MonoTouch (but it will be included in a future beta release).

In the meantime you can copy-paste the following code inside your application to get the SSID.

    using System;
    using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
    using MonoTouch;
    using MonoTouch.CoreFoundation;
    using MonoTouch.Foundation;
    using MonoTouch.ObjCRuntime;

    [DllImport (Constants.SystemConfigurationLibrary)]
    extern static IntPtr CNCopyCurrentNetworkInfo (IntPtr interfaceName);

    static string GetSSID ()
        IntPtr scl = Dlfcn.dlopen (Constants.SystemConfigurationLibrary, 0);
        try {
            using (NSString en0 = new NSString ("en0")) {
                using (NSDictionary dict = new NSDictionary (CNCopyCurrentNetworkInfo (en0.Handle))) {
                    using (NSString key = Dlfcn.GetStringConstant (scl, "kCNNetworkInfoKeySSID")) {
                        return dict [key].ToString ();
        catch (EntryPointNotFoundException) {
            // this is not available when running on the simulator
            return String.Empty;
        finally {
            Dlfcn.dlclose (scl);

UPDATE: The latest MonoTouch 5.2+ releases includes support for CaptiveNetwork. The above code is simplified to:

using MonoTouch.SystemConfiguration;

static string GetSSID ()
    var dict = CaptiveNetwork.CopyCurrentNetworkInfo ("en0");
    return dict [CaptiveNetwork.NetworkInfoKeySSID].ToString ();
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CopyCurrentNetworkInfo is now obsolete in MT 6.0.6. Use TryCopyCurrentNetworkInfo instead. – Jonas Stawski Nov 20 '12 at 18:16

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