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is it possible to dump all the header fields of a TWebRequest (and TWebResponse) object? At the moment I use GetFieldByName() and print them with Writeln() but this works only if I already know the name of the header field. I'm looking for a way to obtain all header field names to enumarate each field but I didn't find any method to do that.

I wrote a REST datasnap console application and wants to log all HTTP requests/responses to console.

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AFAIK it is not possibile (Delphi XE2).

I've used a little trink to have access to the raw headers. However, this is really dirty! Use at you own risk!

The actual class request class is the TIdHTTPAppRequest (WARNING: Could be different for different type of webbroker app. I''ve not tested this code with different kind of datasnap app).

So the trick is:

Declare a class helper similar to the following:

  TIdHTTPAppRequestHelper = class helper for TIdHTTPAppRequest
    function GetRequestInfo: TIdEntityHeaderInfo;


  function TIdHTTPAppRequestHelper.GetRequestInfo: TIdEntityHeaderInfo;
    Result := FRequestInfo;

In this way you can use this helper to have acccess to the protected FRequestInfo field.

In the OnAction event handler you can use the following code to have all the headers names:

procedure Twm.wmWebActionItem1Action(Sender: TObject; Request: TWebRequest;
                 Response: TWebResponse; var Handled: Boolean);
  HeadersCount: Integer;
  I: Integer;
  sw: TStreamWriter;
  Response.ContentType := 'text/plain';
  Response.ContentStream := TMemoryStream.Create;
  sw := TStreamWriter.Create(Response.ContentStream);
    HeadersCount := TIdHTTPAppRequest(Request).GetRequestInfo.RawHeaders.Count;
    for I := 0 to HeadersCount - 1 do
  Handled := True;

However, it is bad that TWebRequest do not allows to read the raw headers. That should be changed!

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That did the trick thank you :) –  MBulli Dec 30 '11 at 8:27

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