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I'm trying a simple RoR application and using nifty generator scripts for scaffolding, layout files, authentication.

I added to my gemfile gem 'nifty-generators' and i ran 'bundle install' and it installed.

Then i entered

$ rails g nifty:scaffold Recipe name:string index new

I got the following exception

Could not find generator nifty:scaffold

What could be the issue here

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Perhaps double check the gem was installed where it should have been: $bundle show nifty-generators –  miked Dec 29 '11 at 18:42

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If you are using Rails 3 ( of course you do since you are beginner), then use scaffold instead of nifty:scaffold

Like this

rails g scaffold
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Not much to dig in here.. Make sure that the bundle install or bundle update command has create an entry for nifty-generators in your Gemfile.lock.. Then verify that the gem has been installed correctly by using the bundle show nifty-generators .. It should show the location of the gem on your system.. Make sure that you at least have read permissions to that folder..

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Since you added the gem with bundler/your gemfile I imagine you would want to do:

$ bundle exec rails g nifty:scaffold Recipe name:string index new

for the gem to be found.

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