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I need to set a website that is editable so I think that I should use some CMS. I am .NET developer so I prefer .NET CMS. This website is to be Polish website so everything on it should be in Polish language.

I have some experience with CMS and I already know that DotNetNuke has support for Polish language. But I don't want to use DNN cause it is not so easy to manage.

I know that I can write my own localization to most of available CMS, but I don't really have time for that. Or for translation of whole admin UI.

I don't need a lot of functionalities - only editable text on page, adding polls, photos, videos and comments.

So does anyone know any other open source CMS (preferably .NET) that can have admin UI in Polish language?

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Here is a list of CMS systems. Umbraco seems to be available in Polish.

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Yes I think that I will choose Umbraco. Despite the fact that Polish translation is quite poor it has a lot of functionalities. –  Cassandra Dec 29 '11 at 12:08

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