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I wonder how the following could be solved with a mysql query, but don't really know how to proceed past my first count.

In a table there is user ids and an item id they have.

user_id | item
12      | 1
11      | 3
34      | 1
12      | 2
34      | 2
9       | 1
12      | 3

If I group by user_id and count the user_id, I get a list of users and how many items they have won, like:

user_id | count(user_id) i.e. how many items have they won
9       | 1
11      | 1
12      | 3
34      | 2

How can I in turn count how many users have won 1, 2 or 3 items, ie. count the result of the count, grouped by the count of user_id?

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Select from the select:

select times_won, count(*)
from (
    select user_id, count(*) as times_won
    from my_table
    group by 1
) x
group by 1
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+1 So simple. So elegant :) –  user822535 Dec 29 '11 at 10:34
Great answer! I was kind of trying to use COUNT twice, but couldn't quite put it together :) Also I wasn't familiar with count(*) + GROUP BY foobar, which seems to do the trick nicely enough here. Ty. –  kontur Dec 29 '11 at 11:13

Maybe I've not understand the question... Can't you just use this?

FROM ...

Instead, if you simply want to count rows from the intermediate result you posted, you can use subqueries like this:

    SELECT user_id, COUNT(user_id) AS count
    FROM ...
    GROUP BY user_id
) AS intermediate_result
GROUP BY count
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