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Yesterday, i have installed the TPing component which are designed for Delphi 7 in my embarcadero delphi 2010, but today i noticed that this component causes my application to crash due to an access violation error, when i click on the Start button.

I searched in the internet for the most common reasons which causes the access voilation problems, i found i faw reasons which includes installing a package/component which are not compatible with the current version. And therfore, i guess that this component is the reason of my Access violation error.

Please could you help me on how to uninstall a componenet / package . And restore the backup which are made automatically during installation.

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format c: & setup –  OnTheFly Dec 29 '11 at 23:55

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Close all projects in IDE, click Component -> Install packages .. from the main menu, find the package that contains your component, select it and click Remove button.

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And then make sure the path has been removed from Project|Options|Directories and Conditionals and Tools|Environment Options|Libraries, so the wrong units don't end up compiling into your projects by mistake. –  Ken White Dec 29 '11 at 13:57

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