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I tried to lift up my CF2.0(VS2005) Application to to CF 3.5(VS2008) with the following steps:

  • changed the Device from Windows Mobile 6.0 to Windows Mobile 6.5.3 DTK
  • changed framework from CF 2.0 to 3.5

Compilation was successful. When I try to run it I receive a InvalidProgramException on startup. The exception is thrown when I try to set a Datagrid as owner of a DataGridTextBoxColumn. <-- strange

I used PEVerify from Windows 7.0a SDK and got several errors. With ILDASM I was able to find the corresponding classes

[MD]: Error: TypeRef has a duplicate, token=0x010000c4. [Token:0x01000011] -> System.Windows.Forms.DataGrid
[MD]: Error: TypeRef has a duplicate, token=0x010000c3. [Token:0x0100006B] -> System.Windows.Forms.DataGridTextBoxColumn
[MD]: Error: TypeRef has a duplicate, token=0x010000ca. [Token:0x0100006C] -> System.Windows.Forms.DataGridColumnStyle
[MD]: Error: TypeRef has a duplicate, token=0x0100006b. [Token:0x010000C3]
[MD]: Error: TypeRef has a duplicate, token=0x01000011. [Token:0x010000C4]
[MD]: Error: TypeRef has a duplicate, token=0x0100006c. [Token:0x010000CA]

How could this happen and how can I fix that?

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Try this:

  • Go to your form.

  • Take note of the name of this DataGrid control (i.e. dataGrid1), then delete the DataGrid.

  • Go to the Toolbox.

  • Drop another DataGrid onto the form.

  • Give the DataGrid the same name your original DataGrid had.

  • Wire up your DataGrid events again.

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The problem was caused by the use of ilmerge. I used ilmerge to merge all my dlls into the exe to reduce the deployment problems. As it seems does ilmerge not work proper with cf 3.5 assemblies.

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Mentioning that really critical detail in the original question would have helped. –  ctacke Jan 2 '12 at 18:52

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