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I have a BW project importing multiple prjlib files. I want to test the project locally, but all the imported projlib global variables are greyed out. I know I can create the vars locally on the disk, but that is a very messy solution. Any ideas?

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You can create a properties file that you want to overwrite all your Global variables and reference the file when you about to perform the local testing. In order to overwrite the global varible you will need the following prefix "tibco.clientVar." follow by the structure of the folder and variable. See example below

i.e. local.properties under C drive



Always leave an empty line after your last global variable. If not your properties won't work correctly.

So when you run the tester in Desginer, after clicked the play button, select Advanced. under the Test Engine User Args column enter the following -p C:\local.properties then click ok. This will overwrite the global variable you set in your properties file. Any Global variable that is not in the file will use the default value in the project.

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Excellent, that is exactly what I was looking for. Apologies for late reply –  xchagger Feb 2 '12 at 14:04

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