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The osv.osv provides a get_xml_id method to find the XML Id for the provided Database Id. What is the best way to do the opposite?

Knowing the XML Id (it was defined in the data loading file), how can I get the corresponding Database Id, so that I can refer to it in tour Python code?

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The ir_model_data object has a _get_id() method that does what you're looking for. You can see it in use in the res_users._get_admin_id() method:

def _get_admin_id(self, cr):
    if self.__admin_ids.get(cr.dbname) is None:
        ir_model_data_obj = self.pool.get('')
        mdid = ir_model_data_obj._get_id(cr, 1, 'base', 'user_root')
        self.__admin_ids[cr.dbname] =, 1, [mdid], ['res_id'])[0]['res_id']
    return self.__admin_ids[cr.dbname]
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Thanks. Managed to get a single line solution working: self.pool.get('').get_object(cr, uid, 'hr_timesheet', 'analytic_journal').id – Daniel Reis Jan 12 '12 at 12:23

The model also has a get_object() method returning a browsable record given a model name and an xml_id.

So, another solution could be:

    m  = self.pool.get('')
    id = m.get_object(cr, uid, 'base', 'user_root').id
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Much cleaner solution, thanks. – Yajo Feb 25 '14 at 9:14

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