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I want to get the scrollheight of <textarea> when people changing the content.The problem is when I add the content ,I can get a growing scrollheight ,but when I delete contents,I can't get a Reduced scrollheight。And here is the code

$("textarea[id^='_sub_ialready_']").live("keydown keyup focus blur",
        if(aobj.minHeight == 0)
        aobj.minHeight = $(this).height();
        if($(this).attr("scrollHeight") > aobj.minHeight)
            if($(this).attr("scrollHeight") > aobj.maxHeight)
                nheight = aobj.maxHeight;
                nheight = $(this).attr("scrollHeight");
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Could you specify your css or a little bit more of code so we can understand better what would you wanna do? Also, have you checked out any of these questions about getting scrollHeight?: stackoverflow.com/questions/5980150/… stackoverflow.com/questions/642353/… stackoverflow.com/questions/454202/… –  elboletaire Dec 30 '11 at 2:31

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What about...




OR (returns an integer in pixels)

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the problem is : when I add contents I can get a growing scrollheight,but when I delete the contents,I can't get a reducing scrollheight –  ivyandrich Jan 4 '12 at 3:10

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