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I seem to get an error when querying an object that has a child POCO property object:

could not resolve property: PreferredLanguage.Name of: AcademyData.Entities.StudentsInformation

My query:

Session.QueryOver<StudentsInformation>().Where(x => x.Active == 1 && x.PreferredLanguage.Name == firstName).List()

If I remove the x.PreferredLanguage.Name criteria, it works, and I see the correct Name value of the object, but it won't let me use it as a query. What am I doing wrong?

Here is my mapping:

    References(x => x.PreferredLanguage).Column("PreferredLanguageID");

Also, I've split my POCO's and mappings into 2 seperate assemblies, if that makes any difference. I configure the mapping so:

.Mappings(x => x.FluentMappings.AddFromAssemblyOf<AcademyData.Dummy>().AddFromAssemblyOf<data.core.Dummy>())

Ignore the dummy, was using it to test something.

EDIT: I've tested it using an entity from the same assembly and the problem still exists. EDIT:

I found a solution to my problem:

return SessionManager.Session.QueryOver<StudentsInformation>().JoinQueryOver<PersonBase>(s => s.Person).Where(p => p.FirstName == firstName).List();

Is this the right way of doing it, or should I still be able to do it without the JoinQueryOver for a different table?

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Alternatively, you can use LINQ instead of QueryOver:

return Session.Query<StudentsInformation>()
              .Where(x => x.Active == 1 && x.PreferredLanguage.Name == firstName)
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You have to join on the child entity if you wish to query by that child entity. That is the correct way of doing it. You could also use JoinAlias if you wish.

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