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I have a problem with my recursive function in PHP. The aim of my function is to compare an ip with a range of ip. Here is my data model for the two variables :

   [0] => 150
   [1] => 2
   [2] => 0
   [3] => 155
   [0] => Array
           [0] => 150
           [1] => 26
           [2] => 0
           [3] => 0

   [1] => Array
           [0] => 150
           [1] => 100
           [2] => 255
           [3] => 255


I know the iterative method will be probably better, but it's just for training with recursives methods. So here is my code :

function checkRangeIp($ip_array, $range_ip_array, $recur_it = 0) {
  if ($recur_it == 4)
    return false;
  $nb1 = $ip_array[$recur_it];
  $nb2 = $range_ip_array[0][$recur_it];
  $nb3 = $range_ip_array[1][$recur_it];

  if ($nb1 < $nb2 || $nb1 > $nb3)
    return true;
    checkRangeIp($ip_array, $range_ip_array, $recur_it + 1);

I don't know why but when I test my function it always giving me a false return.

if (checkRangeIp($ip_array, $range_ip_array))
  echo "TRUE\n";
  echo "FALSE\n";

Have you got an idea ? Thank you.

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If you are just comparing each range pair, then it's not something that lends itself to recursion. Make it a loop instead. –  mario Dec 29 '11 at 11:39
Your function only returns true if $nb1 < $nb2 || $nb1 > $nb3. This is not the case for the first value, 150. So instead of returning, it calls checkRangeIp again, but you are not returning the return value of that call, so it will just return nothing. That said, even if this is fixed I don't think that your range check is correct, and this is really not a problem with a recursive solution. –  Felix Kling Dec 29 '11 at 11:40

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You have an exit path of checkRangeIp which does not return any value (namely the recursive call). Replace it by

return checkRangeIp($ip_array, $range_ip_array, $recur_it + 1);

otherwise the function call will be evaluated as false inside your if(...) condition.

Note: It looks like you mixed up somehow true and false. The condition ($nb1 < $nb2 || $nb1 > $nb3) is true if the value lies outside of the range and in this case the function returns true.

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