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I would like to do the following query in MySQL:

SELECT DINSTINCT cstc.car_id FROM cars
    JOIN customer_cars cstc ON cstc.age =  student_cars.age


cars table has columns: car_id, name,...

customer_cars table has columns: car_id, age

student_cars table has columns: car_id, age

I know the query syntax is wrong because the student_cars table can not be recognized in this query (MySQL raise error).

(Basically, I would like to use the query to find out all car ids where customer_cars age equal to student_cars age)

So, how can I modify the query to make it working?

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If you got you right, then that's it (unverified):

select distinct c.car_id 
from cars c
inner join customer_cars cc on c.car_id = cc.car_id
inner join student_cars sc on c.car_id = sc.car_id
where cc.age = sc.age
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FROM customer_cars c
JOIN student_cars s ON c.car_id = s.car_id and c.age = s.age
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