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Possible Duplicate:
C++ IDE for Linux?

I'm used to work with SourceInsight for windows which works great, shows caller and callee for each function, shows the content of a function the cursor is on and smartly auto-completes symbols across project.

I don't feel like falling into the long learning curve of vim/emacs. I want productivity and I want it fast (I don't mean a console thing, I'm talking about a real IDE)

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is a multiplattform IDE (Win, Mac & Linux) which works perfectly (The GUI is created wi wxWidgets) and integrates with many compilers, and gcc/g++ is the primary option (of course). It's fast, complete and reliable. Even imports projects from visual studio and devpacks from dev-c++, has support for external plugins, etc.

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Eclipse is a big one.

You have to take into account the learning curve too. If you can jump into using one system almost immediately or use a different system (that is refined as time goes on) that has a steeper learning curve, but you'll be much more productive later, which one is the right path to take?

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Eclipse is golden for multilanguage projects. Given that many if not most C++ projects involve at least some XML/HTML or some scripting language, Eclipse looks really good. – kbluck Oct 20 '08 at 16:16

I use KDevelop for KDE, it's primarily a C++ IDE, but has support for many languages, including Python, Perl and Ruby as far as I know. It has a GUI designer for KDE applications and a documentation viewer.

Of course, many of it's features tend to be specific to KDE programming, so if you're using GTK or some other GUI toolkit these features won't be of much use (Though I find it very useful for console applications as well as GUI applications)

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I like Code::Blocks. It's got all the modern features, customizable interface, and not as gigantic as eclipse. I found out about it here - this question.

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If you're doing Qt development, you could try QtCreator. I haven't used it much myself, but the debugger seems to work well.

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You could try Anjuta. Use it.

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Anjuta seems to require that your project uses the AutoHell tools, which is no fun... I like clean code, and I also like clean directory stuctures that one easily can comprehend quicly on first sight. – Frank Sep 6 '11 at 6:10

I used to use Anjuta, and loved it. Then they released Anjuta2 to replace 1.x, but forgot to include functionality. I now use Eclipse.

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I spent a lot of time looking for a decent *nix IDE, but eventually gave up and now I use vim + cscope + gdb.

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by the way, I could run source insight under linux with wine. it works great for the 30-trial days but it's not an open-source product.

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Netbeans is a great solution, and eclipse is it too. However, my experience tell me that the first one is better out of the box. The plugin stuff of eclipse can become a little messy.

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Both are SLOW! (Netbeans seems to be a quite lot better, but has some slow tabswitching sometimes (¡?) ). – Frank Sep 6 '11 at 6:12

I've had success using kDevelop for C/C++ development.

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the most of ide under linux is unstable sometimes, so i suggest you use vim or emacs.

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