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Does anyone know of any project to expose the DRMAA API (job scheduling and maintenance API) from SGE (Sun Grid Engine) as a web service API? A RESTful API would be best.

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I do not think there are any web service API for SGE. I found drmaa-python pretty easy implementing in python script that can be called from server side scripts like PHP.

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Thanks. I've kinda given up on SGE. The documentation is just too much of a pain to navigate :) –  flipchart Mar 14 '12 at 9:27
Sorry to hear that. If you decide to go onto it someday, i could help if you need. –  World Mar 19 '12 at 9:49

There is nothing like this available at the moment, but:

The Open Grid Forum started a new standardization activity to define how DRMAAv2 can be exposed as RESTful API. The specification draft is publicly available.

Since more and more people ask for such a remote interface, implementations might be available pretty soon. They are most likely to be announced by the OGF OCCI working group, so follow them if you are still interested.

Mapping such an implementation to the DRMAAv1 library in GridEngine should be relatively straightforward.

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