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I have a simple XForm with an input field where I have specified the field to be optional with the required="false()" property. However, I would like add a type and constraint property to the field to enforce an integer type and that the integer must be greater than 10, but only if data is entered in the field; after all, the field is optional. For example:

<xf:bind nodeset="testGreaterThanTen"
         constraint=". &gt; 10"/>

I would have thought the required="false()" would trump the type and constraint properties, but I appear to be wrong; it appears that including the type and constraint forces the field to be filled out. Is this the proper behavior per the XForms 1.1 specification? Is there anyway to do what I want in XForms?


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Try type="xforms:integer" instead of type="xs:integer". Orbeon supports the XForms 1.1 types this way since 2007 (see the Release Notes for Orbeon Forms 3.6, fourth point of "Noteworthy Changes" and issue #307162).

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yes i agree. xs:integer will show field as invalid unless there is some value entered. –  Kaipa M Sarma Jan 13 '12 at 13:00

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