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I have an application that uses the Facebook Ads OLD REST API and recently I heard that it will be deprecated in a month, so I'm working hard to migrate all my code to the new Graph API... Unfortunately, nothing goes smoothly.

when calling to GET /act_{account-id}/adcreatives to get the AdCreatives for a specific campaign the parameter creative_ids is not working and always retrieving all the creative for the account! This was working fine in the rest api... and no documentation changes were made in ads.getCreatives so I'm assuming creative_ids paramter is still there...

Any help will be appreciated! thanks, Yaniv Hakim

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I found the _ids parameters to be finicky so I use the generic ids=comma-separated list parameter, without the act_{account-id}. Creative IDS are unique across accounts so there's no need to specify the account-id. If you want to use the specific parameters, have you tried creative_id, creativeids, creativeid and other permutations you can think of (with and without account-id)?

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