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I set up the basic Authentication/Authorization set up, but a problem now is that every time I try to access the http://localhost:1234/, it requires user to login.

How/Where do I make the Auth->authorize("index") on the main page?

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In the beforeFilter() of your controller

add the following piece of code

> $this->Auth->allow('actionname');

for suppose if I want to allow adding/registering of user without logging in then I would do like this in the beforeFilter() function of the users_controller.php file.

> $this->Auth->allow('add');
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But that wasn't my question, and I already know about Auth's allow function, it was just not working with the main page on DocumentRoot. – codingbear May 16 '09 at 22:23
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Inside app_controller.php's beforeFilter():


fixed the problem.

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for cakephp 1.3 you have to do it now like this:

var $components = array(
   'Auth' => array(
   'authorize' => 'controller',
   'allowedActions' => array('index','**display**');

And remember that you also can config a router:

Router::connect('/facebook', array('controller' => 'pages', 'action' => '**display**', 'facebook'));
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