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My ASMX call is returning Content-Type = text/xml; charset=utf-8

I am using ASP.NET 3.5 and jQuery.Ajax.
Have added these things are per numerous suggestions from Stack Overflow

I have done these things

  1. Done this at web.config

    <remove verb="*" path="*.asmx"/>
    <add verb="*" path="*.asmx" validate="false"
    type="System.Web.Script.Services.ScriptHandlerFactory, System.Web.Extensions, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31BF3856AD364E35"/>
  2. On the function call inside ASMX, I am using these

    <WebMethod()> _
    <ScriptMethod(ResponseFormat:=ResponseFormat.Json)> _
    Public Function GetCompanies(SearchedCompany As String) As String
  3. the jQuery Ajax call is like this

    var searchString = "SearchedCompany=" + $(".auto-company").val();
        type: "POST",
        url: "Services/CompaniesService.asmx/GetCompanies",
        data: searchString,
        dataType: 'json',
        success: function (msg) {
            companies = msg.hasOwnProperty("d") ? msg.d : msg;
        error: function (xhr, status, error) {

But whatever I do, the response header is still of type xml. What part am I missing here?

Disclaimer: I know this has been asked many times around here. But was not able to find any answer. As you can see, I have already implemented all of the solutions provided.

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You need to set the contentType as well to "application/json; charset=utf-8"

Because jQuery does set the content-type on POST requests that have data, the content-type gets set to the default “application/x-www-form-urlencoded” initially. Then in IE7, setRequestHeader was adding “application/json; charset=utf-8″ to that instead of truly setting it. So, the content-type was incorrect for JSON serialization and the web service was returning XML instead of JSON.

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+1 for the Encosia reference. I can't count the number of times I've gone back to those articles. – lthibodeaux Dec 29 '11 at 14:55
@naveen Please read the linked resource carefully. As indicated by the article: A security feature of ASP.NET web services that are JSON serialized through the ASP.NET AJAX extensions is that they must be requested in a specific way. ... The request’s content-type must be: "application/json; charset=utf-8" – lthibodeaux Dec 29 '11 at 17:05
@lthibodeaux thanks for the additional info, hopefully this gets him where he needs to be. – Gent Dec 29 '11 at 17:07
You can read more about the security features implemented to avoid XSS attacks at this article on Scott Guthrie's blog. – lthibodeaux Dec 29 '11 at 17:08
@naveen When allowing web services to be called from script, serialization of the response is handed off by your web service to the ASP.NET AJAX extension library. The point is, have you modified your jQuery AJAX call and tested it to see if setting the contentType parameter has made any impact on your response header format? – lthibodeaux Dec 29 '11 at 17:17

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