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Can anyone recommend a good JSON viewer (or even editor) for Linux?

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JSONLint rocks.

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Nice! (But I reserve the right to transfer the green checkmark if someone else finds a good native app or Emacs mode) –  raldi May 15 '09 at 4:23

If you are on Ubuntu/Debian you can install edit-json. It is also available in json gem as edit_json.rb but it depends on a working installation of Ruby GTK2. Check out the screenshots.

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you may want to try pjson: https://github.com/igorgue/pjson

pip install pjson
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I usually use following alias.

alias pj="ruby -rjson -e 'puts JSON.pretty_generate(JSON.parse(ARGF.read))'"
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Python has a nice JSON library that comes with a very handy tool to format JSON files.

cat myfile.json | python -m json.tool
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Well, if you just want to view the JSON, I'd recommend using a program called curl. It's lightweight, and you can pipe it to json_xs to format it's output (especially if you're a perl guy/gal).


sudo apt-get install libjson-perl
sudo apt-get install curl

And to view it:

curl -s http://url-for-my-json.com/fobbar.json | json_xs
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The Firefox Extension - Firebug allows you to capture the JSON object and view it as interpreted by the browser. Firebug does a slew of other options too, but for this instance it will allow you to actively debug the script that you are working on.

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http://jsonviewer.stack.hu It is free tool. :)

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This is the best as it is online and structured –  Ajoy Mar 26 at 9:40

I use the JSONView Firefox add-on. You have to ensure that JSON is served with, or that local .json files are mapped to, the application/json MIME type. But they should be, so that's not a drawback.

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JSON Pro Viewer is a nice cross-platform viewer/editor for working with JSON Documents but it costs money. http://www.jsonpro.com/

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Link appears dead. –  scorpiodawg Oct 24 '13 at 20:34

There's this AIR application. If the JSON resource is online, this could be helpful.

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