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i want to count comments at every article ..but the comments counter place between foreach loop..so i cant count comments correctly...so i want loop but i dont need loop in the counter


$count = $this->Article->Comment->find(
    'count', array('conditions' =>  array('Comment.status' => 1))


// initialise a counter for striping the table
$count = 0;

// loop through and display format
foreach($articles as $article):
    // stripes the table by adding a class to every other row
    $class = ( ($count % 2) ? " class='altrow'": '' );
    // increment count


    echo $html->link(
        array( 'action' => 'view', $article['Article']['id'])

<!-- date and comment counter -->
<p class="entry-meta">
    <span class="date"><?php echo $article['Article']['created']; ?></span> <span class="meta-sep">|</span>
    <span class="comments-link">
    <!-- here i will put the comment counter -->
    <a href="declining-health.html#respond"> <?php  echo $count ['Comment'];>Comments</a>

<?php endforeach; ?>
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Use the counterCache property in the Post->Comment relationship and make sure you have a comment_count field in the post model.


    class Post extends AppModel {
        public $name = 'Post';
        public $hasMany = array(
            'Comment' => array(
                'className'    => 'Comment',
                'foreignKey'   => 'post_id'

    class Comment extends AppModel {
        public $name = 'Comment';
        public $belongsTo = array(
            'Post' => array(
                'className'    => 'Comment',
                'counterCache'   => true
// in the database table for table posts make sure to do the following

add a column: comment_count int(11) default 0

Now when you add a new post, you will have a comment_count field with an initial value of 0. When a new comment is added or removed from a Post the count value will automagically update.

That allows you to simply loop over the posts array and echo the value of the comment_count field or use the value to check for comments then embed an element etc.

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abba thannnnnnks..more thanks..great solution.. –  user1080247 Dec 30 '11 at 20:37

You can count the number of items in an array with sizeof().

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you mean id do this <?php echo sizeof($count ['Comment']) ;> –  user1080247 Dec 29 '11 at 15:24
i tjink you dont understand me ... the count i mean not function but mysql code like this SELECT COUNT –  user1080247 Dec 29 '11 at 15:26
What is the problem then? You can do SELECT COUNT(*) FROM tbl to get the number of rows in the table tbl. –  kba Dec 29 '11 at 15:26
ok but the result between foreach loop.. i dont need to loop this result –  user1080247 Dec 29 '11 at 15:31
You can do sizeof($arr) without first having looped through $arr. –  kba Dec 29 '11 at 15:44

Krisitian gave you the answer, but may I suggest you do all your styling in the frontend.

css pseudo selector

//styles every second(even) elements


...these also work with jquery
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