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I'm working on a php file that generates a kml file from a mysql table which I then can use with google maps. I have the file up and running BUT, I'm having some issues with the text that should appear in the bubble that pops up once a marker is clicked. First of all, only the first part of the text appears [b_name] and second of all, I would like to format the text in the bubble but my html tags just appear as text.

The table I am pulling the info from is a view, created with the following sql:

create view totalbaeir as 
select syslur.sysla, hreppar.hreppur, baeir.b_name, baeir.lat, baeir.lng, baertyper.stjarna
from hreppar, syslur, baeir, baertyper
where (syslur.syslaid = hreppar.syslaid)
AND (baeir.hrepparid = hreppar.hrepparid) order by baeir.b_name;

This gives me a view with the following fields:

sysla     (equivalent to f.x. a state)
hreppur   (equivalent to f.x. a county)
b_name    (farm name)
lat       (latitude)
lng       (longitude)
stjarna   (farm-type, gives the value used to generate a style in the kml file).

An example of the markers generated by the php/kml file can be seen here: http://hafdal.dk/index.php/da/kirker/kegnaes-kirke/9-test

The php/kml output can be seen here: http://www.hafdal.dk/kml/phpsql_rakeltest1.php

If you look in the php file below, you can see that the text in the bubble is generated with the following code:

$descText = htmlentities("<b>".$row['b_name']."</b>".$row['hreppur']);

But if you look at the bubble, only the variable b_name is displayed and the formatting does not work.

Any ideas how I can solve this??

Here is my php file:


// Opens a connection to a MySQL server.

$connection = mysql_connect ($server, $username, $password);

if (!$connection) 
  die('Not connected : ' . mysql_error());
// Sets the active MySQL database.
$db_selected = mysql_select_db($database, $connection);

if (!$db_selected) 
  die('Can\'t use db : ' . mysql_error());

// Selects all the rows in the markers table.
$query = 'SELECT * FROM totalbaeir WHERE lat !=0';
$result = mysql_query($query);

if (!$result) 
  die('Invalid query: ' . mysql_error());

// Creates the Document.
$dom = new DOMDocument('1.0', 'UTF-8');

// Creates the root KML element and appends it to the root document.
$node = $dom->createElementNS('http://earth.google.com/kml/2.1', 'kml');
$parNode = $dom->appendChild($node);

// Creates a KML Document element and append it to the KML element.
$dnode = $dom->createElement('Document');
$docNode = $parNode->appendChild($dnode);

// Creates the two Style elements, one for baer and one for hus, and append the elements to the Document element.
$baerStyleNode = $dom->createElement('Style');
$baerStyleNode->setAttribute('id', 'baerStyle');
$baerIconstyleNode = $dom->createElement('IconStyle');
$baerIconstyleNode->setAttribute('id', 'baerIcon');
$baerIconNode = $dom->createElement('Icon');
$baerHref = $dom->createElement('href', 'http://www.hafdal.dk/kml/torfhus.PNG');

$husStyleNode = $dom->createElement('Style');
$husStyleNode->setAttribute('id', 'husStyle');
$husIconstyleNode = $dom->createElement('IconStyle');
$husIconstyleNode->setAttribute('id', 'husIcon');
$husIconNode = $dom->createElement('Icon');
$husHref = $dom->createElement('href', 'http://www.hafdal.dk/kml/torfhus2.PNG');

// Iterates through the MySQL results, creating one Placemark for each row.
while ($row = @mysql_fetch_assoc($result))
  // Creates a Placemark and append it to the Document.

  $node = $dom->createElement('Placemark');
  $placeNode = $docNode->appendChild($node);

  // Creates an id attribute and assign it the value of id column.
  //$placeNode->setAttribute('id', 'placemark' . $row['id']);

  // Create name, and description elements and assigns them the values of the name and address columns from the results.
  $nameNode = $dom->createElement('name',htmlentities($row['name']));
  $descText = htmlentities("<b>".$row['b_name']."</b>".$row['hreppur']);
  $descNode = $dom->createElement('description', '');
  $cdataNode = $dom->createCDATASection($descText);
  $styleUrl = $dom->createElement('styleUrl', '#' . $row['stjarna'] . 'Style');

  // Creates a Point element.
  $pointNode = $dom->createElement('Point');

  // Creates a coordinates element and gives it the value of the lng and lat columns from the results.
  $coorStr = $row['lng'] . ','  . $row['lat'];
  $coorNode = $dom->createElement('coordinates', $coorStr);

$kmlOutput = $dom->saveXML();
while (@ob_end_clean());
echo $kmlOutput;

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