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We are using axis webservices in our projects.

Up to now we generated our webservice clients within Eclipse. We choose New -> Other -> Web Services -> Web Service Client. Afterwards we selected the wsdl, changed the step to develop client and choose the axis web service runtime.

Besides the elements Eclipse generates 5 stubs/proxy classes.

  • MyService_PortType
  • MyService_Service
  • MyService_ServiceLocator
  • MyServiceProxy
  • MyServiceSOAPStub

As a best practice we now try to script that proxy generation with axis wsdl2java.

We are using:

wsdl2java.bat -uri ..\MyService.wsdl -S . -s

This generates:

  • MyService_PortType
  • MyService_Service
  • MyService_ServiceLocator
  • MyServiceSOAPStub

The MyServiceProxy is missing. Unfortunately we coded against this proxy which is basically a wrapper around the other 4 clases. Without the proxy class I have to exchange legacy code that is using this proxy.

How can I generate this missing proxy class. I checked the wsdl2java documentation however I couldn't figure out what option I need to set. I'm wondering if the proxy isn't part of the axis generation and a custom class from the Eclipse.

EDIT: I just noticed a different post that lists the proxy as well. Probably its not RAD specific it could be an Eclipse feature.

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