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I would like to start learning java 3d for mobile and I started from here: http://fivedots.coe.psu.ac.th/~ad/jg/objm3g/ . I'm trying to load .obj file into m3g by converting it into Java method. My question is how do I do it?
Please explain me it step by step. I didn't succeed to find ObjView after I installed Java 3d (SE) on my PC...

(I also read http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/java/library/wi-mobile1/ for further explanations.)

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I didn't succeed to find ObjView

That's because you looked in the wrong place. I found ObjView right at the page you mentioned first: http://fivedots.coe.psu.ac.th/~ad/jg/objm3g/

At this page,

  1. go to bottom of the page and find section called Downloads
  2. at Downloads section, find bullet saying
    Zipped Source code and OBJ examples for M3G Chapter 1 (260 KB)...
  3. click above link to download file objM3G.zip
  4. unzip the file and read instructions in ObjM3G\readme.txt
    note zip contains sub-folder ObjView with the source code


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