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Short Question
Is there a library that is supposed to replace mswinsoc.osx used to create and maintain socket connections within VBA applications?

I am trying to create socket connection(s) within a Visio 2010 Professional document. I have found a way to register mswinsoc.osx on Windows 7 here, but this seems very strange that Microsoft would get rid of a library to make socket connections without having something (better) to replace it. To add to my concern, there are little to no examples using the Winsoc library for Office 2010. I am not supporting old documents, so Winsoc is not a requirement; it's just the closet thing I know will work.

Additional Thoughts
I have found some very useful VBA stuff for Visio here that lead me to believe that there should be a new solution.

Any examples of socket connections for Office 2010 or insight to what happened to mswinsoc.osx would be of great help.

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Short Answer

Additional Information
I have found a few detailed examples in C and VB using this DLL.
Examples in C
Examples in VB

Thus far I have not had a chance to run any examples within VBA due to a shift in my projects scope. I am instead using Python to control Visio via a COM connection with great success.

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