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I changed a View into a PartialView so now I need to use ASPX instead of Razor. However, I can't find anywhere how I can change the syntax of

<button onclick="$('#@Model.meta.modelname').koform('submit');"> 

so that it works with in ASPX.

full code:

<%@ Control Language="C#" Inherits="iVention.Web.Framework.Core.ViewUserControl<iVention.Web.Framework.Areas.Administration.Models.NoteModel>" %>
<% using (UI.koform(Model, null))
{ %>
<div class="dialogButtons">
    <button onclick="$('#@Model.meta.modelname').koform('submit');">
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Use <%: %>

<button onclick="$('#<%: Model.meta.modelname %>').koform('submit');">
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You need to use standard ASPX interpolation:

<%: Model.meta.modelname %>

Note that IntelliSense won't work on ASPX interpolations in attributes until Visual Studio 11.

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