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In in Doctrine ODM 1.0beta3, I need to take an @EmbeddedDocument from a Document, and to put it in another Document.

However when I try to do this, I get strange results.

There is a way to duplicate and EmbeddedObject?


The "strange" result is that a property of this embedded document is inserted alongside the other embedded documents.

More details:

I have a Queue embedded document with several Job documents in an @EmbedMany relationship:

Queue: -> [ Job, Job, Job]

Also some Jobs have another Job in a @EmbedOne property called $callback:

class Job {
    /** @EmbedOne(targetDocument="Cron\Model\Document\Job") */
    private $callback;

    /** @Hash */
    private $result;

 * @EmbeddedDocument 
class Queue {
    /** @EmbedMany(targetDocument="Cron\Model\Document\Job") */
    private $jobs = array();

    //Getters and setters...

What I'm trying to do is to get the $callback Job, add a value to the $result hash and to enqueue this Job in the $jobs array().

What I get is the Job enqueued, but also the $result hash in the $jobs array, as if it was a Job document.

jobs array from mongodb:

[2] => Array
  [parameters] => Array
    [field] => office
    [result] => "foo"

[3] => Array
  [_id] => 638
  [parameters] => Array
    [field] => office
    [result] => "foo"

The code is this:

$job = $queue->getLastJob();
$callback = $job->getCallback();
$params = $callback->getParameters();
$params['result'] = 'foo';
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What are the strange results? –  Tyler Brock Jan 3 '12 at 19:08

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I think you would tackle this problem as you would in any other language.

Just copy the object:

$some_obj["embedded_document"] = $other_obj["embedded_document"];

My understanding is that php makes a copy of the object instead of a reference and I've confirmed it locally.

What strange results are you getting exactly? If you provide some more information I can try to help.


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