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I want to restrict access to certain folder on aix.

even root user should be restricted to access certain folders. for e..g i have user - aixuser and root on aix 5.3 server and i have a folder - myfolder.

i want only aixuser to have access to this folder and not root.

how can i do this?

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as paxdiablo is saying, root user privilege is the ultimate thing in AIX (infact any UNIX/Linux machine). In RBAC, setting the role permissions to aix (in the mkrole command) will give you permissions to do everything a root user can do but nothing more than the root user.

Having UID=0, GID=0 gives root all the access it needs on a machine.

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No, this cannot be done. The whole concept of the root user relies on unfettered access. You can quite easily protect your files from other regular users, using either the user/group/other paradigm or access control lists but, once someone has root powers, you cannot restrict them at all.

There's a good reason for this - if you lost access to your files somehow, how would you expect the administrators to recover them for you?

The way of dealing with your concerns is to either restrict the number of people with root access or somehow encrypt your files. But even that latter suggestion wouldn't stop a determined root user who can look inside your process address spaces or intercept your input stream to grab your passwords if need be.

The only workable security will be having your own box with only you having the root powers. Then you can treat a root user on a different box as just a regular user on yours.

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can RBAC on aix 6.1 do this ? the IBM doc says it can.. so just wondering.. – rootuser May 15 '09 at 11:26
RBAC can allow non-root users to do some tasks normally only allowed to root users but it does not (and should not) restrict the root user in any way. – paxdiablo May 15 '09 at 11:43

You cannot exclude root access to any file on any local file system.

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