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I would like to know if it is possible to include an executable file in another one, and then run it directly from there.
For example, if I am writing a GUI frontend to clprog.exe, I would want to have one file, guiprog.exe, that will run it's internal version of clprog.
Assume including the source of the wrapped program in the wrapper program is not an option.

I am more interested in this as a theoretical question, so answers applying to either windows or linux are fine (I am not familiar with other OSs), as well as using any language (C/Java/ASM/other, though I assume if it will be possible in any of these languages it will be ASM and maybe C, and obviously not Java)

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First thought that comes to mind is a .NET solution.

If the external executable is a .NET assembly, you could embed it inside of your own project, and at run time load that into an in-memory assembly and execute using reflection.

If the embedded executable was built with .NET I think you would have to extract and temporarily save the executable, execute it as a separate process and then delete it, if you don't want to leave it's trace.

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