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I want to start a new thread for one simple method but that method has variables I need to pass it.

    Thread tempmovethread = new Thread(new ThreadStart(widget.moveXYZINCHES(xval,yval,zval));

I am getting the error: "Method name expected".

That is the right method name and I did something very similar to this in an earlier bit of code and it worked, the only difference is the method I called before didnt need any variables to be passed:

    executethread = new Thread(new ThreadStart(execute.RunRecipe));

Is it possible to start a new thread and pass the variables like this, or do I have to do it another way?

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Use an Action to create the correct delegate type.

Thread tempmovethreading = new Thread(new ThreadStart(new Action(() => widget.moveXYZINCHES(xval,yval,zval)));
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Like it, beautiful! +1 But will be warning about "access to modified closure"? – Oleg Dok Dec 29 '11 at 17:52
Thank you this works perfectly! – kenetik Dec 29 '11 at 17:55

tempmovethread = new Thread(new ParametrizedThreadStart(widget.moveXYZINCHES); tempmovethread.Start(new []{xval,yval,zval});


you should appropriately change the method's signature like this (assuming the used parameters are of type int:

public void moveXYZINCHES(object state)
  int xval = (state as int[])[0],yval = (state as int[])[1],zval = (state as int[])[2];
  ...your code
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Alright, I understand the first part, but after your "but" statement, i get a little lost... im not too familiar with the state as commands in C#, why do I need to do this? – kenetik Dec 29 '11 at 17:49
because the ParametrizedThreadStart accepts only function with specific set of parameters - only f(object state), for this you have to wrap your parameters into the single object to pass them into thread's function. But I really like the @Bob Vale's answer with Action using – Oleg Dok Dec 29 '11 at 17:51

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