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I am trying to implement a jquery file upload for grails. I am using this plugin here grails jquery-file-upload and here grails plugin

unfortunately, there densest seem to be any document ion on how to implement it in a grails environment. I have been struggling with it for days now. I am able to get the front end to work but I am unable to process the upload. Does anyone have a working example or know of a tutorial for grails? I would really appreciate any help. Or, if there is a better jquery upload plugin, let me know too.

thanks, jason

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I've personally had luck with this one: http://valums.com/ajax-upload/ It supports drag-and-drop and multiple file uploads. People seem to like it as well.

Another one I've never personally used, but I hear good things about: http://www.uploadify.com Uses flash though.

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ajax-upload is GPL2.0, whereas jquery-file-upload is MIT –  mikermcneil Jan 15 '12 at 22:27

You could try using http://swfupload.org/

SWFUpload is a small JavaScript/Flash library to get the best of both worlds. It features the great upload capabilities of Flash and the accessibility and ease of HTML/CSS.

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