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Switching to nginx for a site, one issue I'm having is serving up static json files.

I added to the mime types:

application/zip                         zip;
application/json                        json;

and restarted but it tried serving it up as a download (ie http://domain.com/json-tmp/locations.json). What else would I need to configure?


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I think it doesn't know what to do with this file type and serves it back. Trying to download on Safari, Chrome, and FF –  timpone Dec 29 '11 at 18:00

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I know this post is quite old but adding application/json mime type to nginx configuration file plus restarting the server should work.

When you request the json file try to debug the response header and check if the Content-Type header was successfully changed to application/json.

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I had to add

    application/json                      json;

in /etc/nginx/mime.types and restart nginx to make it work.

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Try serving it as javascript ...

application/javascript                json;

Or as plain text ...

text/plain                            txt json;

I'll try the javascript first.

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