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Here is my use case: I am building a project that can only read from Repository A. I have permission to add any artifacts I want into this repository, but I don't have administrative rights to manage Repository A. Unfortunately, this repository currently lacks most of the artifacts I need.

Copying artifacts with dependencies from repo1.maven.org into this Repository A using maven deploy:deploy-file is time consuming. Is there a tool that handles this problem for me?

I could even build a hybrid project (maven project with both repositories) for purposes of copying. But I am restricted to using Repository A for the production projects automated build and run.

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What type of a repository is Repository A - a simple http server or a repository manager like nexus? If latter, you should be able to populate Repository A automagically through simple configuration. – Raghuram Dec 30 '11 at 5:16
As I said, I don't have administrative access to Repository A. All I have is deploy:deploy-file – Fred Haslam Jan 2 '12 at 0:19

I would do it in such way, that I would first create new repository for the project, filled with all artifacts needed to build it, and then I would write the script that would generate maven deploy command for each file inside, that not exists in Repository A.

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