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my source files are not inside of one directory which I need to do ../ or ../../ stuff.

after that, I need to change source file name for example: ../ex/test.c to obj/test.o

with this: command:

$(OBJDIR) $(notdir $(SOURCECODE:.c=.o))

however only first filename in $(SOURCECODE) (../ex/test.c) is correctly renamed to obj/test.o, the rest all look like *.o, without directory information.

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That's because you prepend $(OBJDIR) to the list as is: obj/ + foo.c bar.c baz.c gives obj/foo.c bar.c baz.c, which is not what you want.

To add directory to each file in your list use addprefix function:

$(addprefix $(OBJDIR),$(notdir $(SOURCECODE:.c=.o)))
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$(addprefix $(OBJDIR),$(notdir $(SOURCECODE:.c=.o)))
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Oh, you were faster. :) –  Eldar Abusalimov Dec 29 '11 at 18:37
@EldarAbusalimov: But you wrote the better explanation :-). +1. –  thiton Dec 29 '11 at 18:38

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