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I have a java file called 'move.class' I want to make it into a bash command so people can call it from the bash terminal, input options or parameters, and read its manual page:

People should be able to use this like any other command:

$ sudo move | more

I need to read the arguments and parameters (in java)

$ move -i --string=HELLO file1 fil2

I also need it to have a man page so a user can say:

$ man move

To get comprehensive instructions on how to use this command.

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Create shell script move. Something like following:

java -cp yourjar.jar com.yourcompany.move.Main $*

Put this script to location that is in the path of most users. For example /sbin.

Now the command should work. This is the time to refer to this or similar tutorial that explains how to create man pages.

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Agreed, and I think the | more will take whatever you output by using System.out.println() –  Stephan Dec 29 '11 at 18:51
He would probably want "$@" (quoted) as $* would not work with args that contain a space. –  jordanm Dec 29 '11 at 23:43

Please don't do this.

Java may be lovely for many things, but implementing command-line utilities isn't one of them. The poor user has to pay the overhead of starting up the JVM every single time they use the command. Even if that's only a second or so, if the command is frequently used, your users will swiftly become very frustrated.

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id suggest using the alias command. Something like

alias move="java yourClass"
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