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I'm quite new to programming Android apps and have now run into a problem for which I couldn't find an explanation (nor an easy solution):

I want to display a list of files containing a checkbox, the filename and filesize. The Android developer docs contain a tutorial on how to implement a ListView and I also managed to change the ListItem-layout to contain the checkbox and two TextViews.

The list looks just how it should, but when I check a checkbox, every seventeenth or so checkbox is checked, too. It looks like the ListView stores the values of the checkboxes page-wise, so that when the values are changed on one page, they change on every page.

Looking for a workaround, I discovered that one could use android.R.layout.simple_list_item_multiple_choice instead of a custom layout - which indeed works fine, but contains only one TextView and is therefore useless for me. Some sites also suggest creating a custom type of TextView (consisting of a LinearLayout, the CheckBox and the TextViews needed) for this, but I would like to avoid having to an extra class just for the ListView to work properly.

I would be glad if anyone could tell me where my error is or whether there is a workaround for this.

My current HelloListViewActivity.java:

public class HelloListViewActivity extends ListActivity {
    /** Called when the activity is first created. */
    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

      setListAdapter(new ArrayAdapter<String>(this, R.layout.list_item, R.id.container, COUNTRIES));

      ListView lv = getListView();

      lv.setOnItemClickListener(new OnItemClickListener() {
        public void onItemClick(AdapterView<?> parent, View view,
            int position, long id) {
          // When clicked, show a toast with the TextView text
          Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(), ((TextView) (((LinearLayout) view).findViewById(R.id.container))).getText(),

    static final String[] COUNTRIES = new String[] {
        "Afghanistan", "Albania", "Algeria", "American Samoa", "Andorra"
                    /* etc. */

And list_item.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<LinearLayout xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"
        android:textSize="16sp" />
        android:id="@+id/container" />
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I would go with Pyrodante's suggestion for maximum flexibility. However, if you're just after displaying two lines of text above each other, you might be able to just add a breakline inbetween the filename and filesize; e.g. textview.setText(filename + "\n" + filesize);. You could even style both lines in the same textview differently using a SpannableStringBuilder, if you really wanted to. –  MH. Dec 29 '11 at 19:58

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I would create a custom Adapter that extends ArrayAdapter, from there you can override getView() and load the view with the information you want. For a ton of really good information about list views, watch the Google I/O presentation The World of List View

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+1 for the Google I/O link –  Wayne Phipps Jun 19 '13 at 21:53

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