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I need to pass extra params to my autocomplete URL. Below is my latest try although I have also tried various combinations with and without commas, curly braces, etc. The call works but I only get the term parameter. What is the proper syntax here?

jQuery ->
  source: $('#menu_item_place_name').data('autocomplete-source') 
  { extraParams: {'test'} }
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I just tried removing the brackets around extraParams and putting a key value pair within the brackets as in extraParams: {"a":"b"} and that also did not work. – Bob Benedict Dec 29 '11 at 19:33

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I don't know the particulars of the server setup but I think the syntax you're looking for is this:

jQuery ->
    source: $('#menu_item_place_name').data('autocomplete-source') 
    extraParams: {foo: 'bar'}
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