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I am new to FSL, using version 4.1.8. I am trying to run a script that reads and generates *.nii files, which format is normally supported by FSL. I am calling an FSL function, probtrackx from within Matlab. However, I get the following error message seemingly unable to generate or recognize *.nii files:

** ERROR (nifti_image_read): failed to find header file for '~/Documents/fMRI_data/../DTI/fsl_dti/masks/target_mask_001'

** ERROR: nifti_image_open(~/Documents/fMRI_data/../DTI/fsl_dti/masks/target_mask_001): bad header info

ERROR: failed to open file ~/Documents/fMRI_data/../DTI/fsl_dti/masks/target_mask_001

ERROR: Could not open image ~/Documents/fMRI_data/../DTI/fsl_dti/masks/target_mask_001

The files do exist but FSL fails to recognize them. Any help as to how to correct the issue and get FSL to work properly would be most appreciated. I suspect it's a Linux settings issue, just not sure how to fix it. A solution to a related problem in a previous posting suggested adding ls='ls --color=auto'. I've tried it to on avail.

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Some FSL tools assume that the $FSLDIR unix unvironment variable is set, which might not be the case in your MATLAB environment. You can fix that with something like setenv('FSLDIR', '/usr/local/fsl') (modified of course if your FSL installation is in a different place). Some also need the regular FSL setup script to be executed as well: system('. ${FSLDIR}/etc/fslconf/'). See also:

Instead of the more complicated probtrackx script, another thing to try first is simply:

system('fslhd ~/Documents/fMRI_data/../DTI/fsl_dti/masks/target_mask_001')

If this fails with the same error, then you know that you entered the path to the data incorrectly. For example, do you mean to have the .. in there?

Also, in the future, the best place to get FSL support is on their mailing list at:

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Thanks for commenting and suggesting solutions. setenv('FSLDIR', '/usr/local/fsl') is already in the env, and I also tried system('. ${FSLDIR}/etc/fslconf/') to no avail. Interestingly, the same script seems to work fine on my colleague's computer. Thanks for suggesting system('fslhd ~/Documents/fMRI_data/../DTI/fsl_dti/masks/target_mask_001'), it worked fine, which I assume suggests that the files are not corrupted. I will try the script on a different computer. Happy new year! – farras abdelnour Dec 31 '11 at 19:08

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