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I have multiple tableviews that have various static cells and everything is cool.

I would like to implement some functionality to a button that is in one of the cells in all of the tables, but I do not know where the header and implementation files for UITableViewController are located and or how to access them. Any ideas?

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You can't directly manipulate UITableViewController. Besides, it is not a good idea to do it anyway. The best way to do it is subclassing it.

  1. Command+N and create a new NSObject file
  2. When prompted, name it whatever you like (e.g. MyTableViewController)
  3. Click on MyTableViewController.h in left side pane, and change NSObject to UITableViewController.
  4. Goto the XIB file or the Storyboard (whichever you are using) and change the class of your UITableViewController to MyTableViewController.
  5. Give a number to the button's tag field (e.g. 1001).
  6. Now, in your MyTableViewController.m class, get a hold of the cell (cellAtIndexPath:) and then get a hold of that button with tag ([cell.contentView viewWithTag:]).
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