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I'm using SL4A (Scripting Layer for Android) in order to integrate python code in Android.

I was wondering if there is any way to connect via SSH inside the code.

I mean, are there any SSH commands that I can use inside the python code?

I know that there is ConnectBot and other apps, but they are external to the SL4A.

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What you need is to write a SSH client or server in native python.

This can be done with Twisted, for example. I know of this implementation of Twisted for Android, but I have never tried it myself. If you get those two things working, you have a solution.

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Here you go:


If you make internet connected stuff based on Linux/GNU and own a Android device rejoice! This is a safe(as safe as it gets) way to control your projects, so unlock your home to your friends while miles away, start a car(or don’t), securely wipe all of your disks with one touch, feed the cats, or just turn your lights on and off.

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