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I have a portlet project using json, dojo. I get an error "TypeError: this._arrayOfTopLevelItems is undefined" if I populate the DataGrid with an ItemFileReadStore populated from the JSONObject passed from the Controller to the jsp in the Model (see data1). To debug I found if I print out the contents of the JSONObject to the console and then load the store with this contents as a string (see data4) I do not get an error. I researched the error and found that it was casued if you do not supply an identifier in the json data but I am supplying it.

function initalizeAddPoliciesStore() {

    //use when returning a JSONObject ???
    var data1 = '${multiArrangementCaseInfo}';  
    var addPoliciesStore1 = new{ data: data1 });

    var data4 = {"items":[{"nextDate":"12/27/2011","nextBillAmount":"10.03","policy":"12345678","owner":"Smith, A","insured":"Smith, J","prior2PaidAmount":"42.08","priorPaidAmount":"34.05"}],"identifier":"policy"};      
    var addPoliciesStore4 = new{ data: data4 });

    addPoliciesGrid = new dojox.grid.DataGrid({
        id : '<portlet:namespace/>addPoliciesGrid',
        query : {
            policy : '*'
        store : addPoliciesStore1,
        structure : displayMCOMLayout
    }, '<portlet:namespace/>addPoliciesGridTableId');

    // Call startup, in order to render the grid:
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Did you try var data1 = eval('${multiArrangementCaseInfo}'); ? – Philippe Dec 30 '11 at 16:59
Actually data4 is not a string, it's a javascript object... – Philippe Dec 30 '11 at 17:00

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