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How to get sas date format "YYYYMM" in SAS ?

From this code below I would get '2011-11-01'

call symput('me',"'"||put(intnx('month',today(),-1 ),yymmdd10.)||"'");

I'm trying to get something like : '2011-11'


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Macro version:

%let date = %sysfunc(today());
%let me = %str(%")%sysfunc(intnx(month,&date,-1),yymmd7.)%str(%");

%put &me;
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You can replace yymmdd10. with yymmd7. that should be the format you want.

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mydate = put(date, YYMMD7.)

See this for details.

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For more information on formats visit http://support.sas.com/documentation/cdl/en/lrdict/64316/HTML/default/viewer.htm#a002231336.htm

You can use one of the examples or "create" your own.

For example:

data datum;
datum1mback= INTNX( 'month', datum, -1); 
format datum1mback yymmn6.; /* returns 201111 (if we consider the date of the question of course) */

/* yymmp6. returns 11.11 */
/* yymmc8. returns 2011:11 */
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This doesn't work as written. I'm using YM_pre365 = INTNX( 'DTMONTH', seg_dis_dt, -1); format YM_pre365 yymmn6.; but it just gives me MISSING for the result. –  William M-B Jan 6 '14 at 18:21

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