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I am working on databases and now I need some advice's from you guys.. I have 2 Tables with many rows and columns and these db's contain addresses of customers. Names of the tables are Data, Orders.

Now the problem is I have to search the addresses present in Table Orders with the addresses in Data using email as the criteria. If there is a match in emails then its ok....or else we should insert the addresses of the table Orders in table Data. ...

I made this query but i am getting some error.

INSERT INTO orders (orders_id, customers_id, customers_cid, customers_vat_id, customers_name, customers_email_address) VALUES( (select o.* from Test.dbo.orders o where o.customers_email_address not in ( select a.email0 from CobraDemoData.dbo.Data a)))

Any help is much appreciated.. Thanks, subash

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what is your error? –  diagonalbatman Dec 29 '11 at 21:22

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You can insert the values directly from a select statement--don't use values when you want to do that. Additionally, you can use not exists in lieu of not in, as SQL Server usually runs that much faster, but it's case-by-case, so you can look at the query plan if it's really an issue.

insert into orders (orders_id, customers_id, customers_cid, customers_vat_id, customers_name, customers_email_address)
    Test.dbo.orders o
    not exists (
        select 1
            CobraDemoData.dbo.Data a
            a.email0 = o.customers_email_address

Also, you probably want to specify the columns in the select statement, just to make sure the right columns are transposed.

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thank you very much it is working fine..... –  Subash Dec 29 '11 at 21:43

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